What is in a Name


Idle hands are the devil’s workshop. That is one of the few things that has stuck with me from my years in a Christian school. I never have been, or do I ever see myself as overly religious but the idea that laziness breeds bad behavior is one that I hold to. For me that bad behavior comes out as grumpiness and general depression. Nobody likes a grumpy depressed man laying around. Around 2009 I reached the point in my career where I was no longer going to school and working full time, or after that, ¬†working loads of overtime either. While this is a great place to be it left me way too much time on my hands.

Large projects have been dreams of mine since I was a kid. When I was ten I saw my first issue of Kitplanes Magazine. The thought of building my own aircraft fascinated me then and has stuck with me for my whole life. Fast cars, motorcycles, aircraft, and boats; if you can build it yourself I have a how to book laying around somewhere. So with a good job and extra time on my hand I figured it was time to get to work. The only problem was I didn’t have a place to work. Our house was small but we had a lot of land, and I always wanted to build a house.

It took a little over a year for Cheryl and I to finish the shop. We paid to have the concrete poured and paid for the shingles to be laid but everything else from framing to electrical was done by our hands. I am fortunate to have good friends that love to lend a hand when needed. Darrel and Jason helped us out with heavy lifting and technical advice whenever needed.


After construction was over the shop took on a life of its own. It’s a workout studio for Cheryl, a garage for the bikes. With a quick sweep it is our bar when we do not feel like sitting on the couch. Cars, motorcycles,¬†boats, bodies, and brains have been mended here and it has become the workshop where our idle hands go to find relief.

So if Idle Hands has become the name of the workshop, what am I going to call the boat?