I See a Boat

I know it has been a long time since I have posted any progress on this site, and in reality, there has been very little progress on my boat until recently. Fortunately that has come to an end!

Shortly after I returned home from the Texas 200 it became clear that I was going to have to put the project on a short term hold. Even with the awesome generosity of Peter and Laura, the Texas 200 had drained most of my sailboat fund. Add that to the list of big chores that had been piling up has set the pathfinder up for an extended nap. It broke my heart but I knew I had to cover her up and get to work on other things.


Exterior doors were changed, siding fixed, and plumbing plumbed. My motorcycle was torn down to almost nothing for a 30,000 mile transmission service.


The walls were sanded and painted, vacations taken, and a hurricane named Matthew stopped by for dinner.

Finally, I took the cover off and went back to work.

Cheryl and I laid the last plank on Halloween and I celebrated with a less than traditional whiskey.

The planking is over. I really believe that this was the hardest part of the build. Not only was it technically challenging for me but the size of the planks mandated two people for most operations. It’s not often that Cheryl and I have that much free time at the same time. With her help we got it done and boy does she look good. Since then the pace has picked up dramatically. I am back to working on smaller jobs that I can tackle in an hour or two here and there. I plan on hitting it hard over the holidays and getting back into posting regularly. Wish me luck.