Fear, Fox News, and the Texas 200

Cheryl and I decided this year that we were going to cancel our cable; not because we do not enjoy TV and movies but because of the constant barrage of fear and hate that comes from the 24 hour news outlets. Ebola this, terrorist that, on and on it goes until you are too scared to ever leave the house. Cheryl and I like to leave the house. From long unsupported motorcycle camping trips to kayaking and exploring the local area, we always try to push ourselves out of our comfort zone just so we stay adventurous. Having said that I am ashamed to admit that when I received an offer to attend the Texas 200 I was both scared and skeptical.

The Texas 200 is an expedition style event that starts at the border with Mexico and runs to just north of Corpus Christi Texas. It was intended to be a Texas version of the Water Tribes Everglades Challenge, an event that I have been watching from the safety of the couch for quite a while. The concept is simple – light boats with everything you need to survive loaded in them, the horn sounds and five days later (hopefully) you hit the finish line. The Everglades Challenge is organized as a race with several different classes, mandatory checkpoints, and a semi defined course. The 200 is more of a social event. There are five campsites selected and other than that you are on your own. Thin water, high winds, hot and humid, the 200 has a reputation for sucking.

Out of the blue one day my phone chirped alerting me I had a new message. The gist of the message was this:

Hi, I am Peter. You don’t know me but I know some folks you know and I would like to invite you to join me on my pathfinder for the Texas 200. I have sailed it several times and I like bringing new pathfinder builders out to learn about their new boat.

I spent the weekend debating on whether or not to accept this generous offer. The more I fought the decision the more I realized I had become stuck in the rut we had been working to avoid for so long. I was caught up in my own fears and failed to realized that this was a once in a lifetime offer made by a really nice guy that just wants to share the experience. That Monday I contacted Peter and told him I was in.


I’ll do my best to keep you update on this adventure, expect lots of posts about the 200 in the future.

For more info here are some good links:






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